Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mascara Suggestions

vonzi said...
Maybelline's colossal volume is really good for a drugstore mascara and Full N Soft

Some mascaras to maybe try out if you haven't already (im a mascara hooker)
Tarte: Lights Camera Lashes or Lash Hugger
Origins: their primer is really good
YSL: luxurious mascara (it works better after a couple uses)
Prescriptives: False lashes--They have it back in stock on the site, i really love it
Clinique: High Impact, Long pretty lashes

And always try and use a primer it helps to hold curl better. I also sometimes layer mascaras, and get a good effect

Well that's disappointing :( I really like Rimmel's Sexy Curves and VolumeMaxx (I think? the bright pink one...), but I don't think we even got this one over here in the US!